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The Law. The Theory. The Practice.


use Pennydrops?


We create dynamic, impactful learning and development that lasts.


Are we different


We deliver a meaningful combination of legal and theoretical exploration, dovetailed with behavioural understanding.


Does it work


“It  is a seamless integration of theory and practice.”

Professional and approachable

“Selwyn and the team at Pennydrops supported us with a roll out of Unconscious Bias training across our business.
The feedback from staff was really positive and the actors and scenarios presented were authentic and realistic.
Selwyn was professional and approachable to deal with and the process was cost effective in being able to deliver to large groups.”

Recruitment Manager, Energy Sector (2021)

The format worked well as a remote event

We wanted an unconscious bias training course that would raise awareness and challenge our thinking as a team and individuals.
The session was interesting, extremely thought provoking and enjoyable too. It has a good mix of theory and information and combines
this well with interactive sessions which are run in a way where people feel comfortable in participating and sharing views.
The format worked well as a remote event. Our team were genuinely enthused and energised by the session.”

Tim Rose General Secretary Nationwide Group Staff Union


“ I found it fascinating how much deeper the discussions and how much greater the progress came from
identifying and avoiding the bias. Experiential learning is so impactful.”


“I took a lot away from this session.”


“I would certainly recommend to others.”


“Well-executed. Memorable.”

Live and online workshops available


A unique combination of insight and practice



Transactional learning in a trusted environment


Understanding what to say, how to say it and when to say it



Live or On-line the experience is effective and valuable

What can we offer your organisation?

Pennydrops is a collaboration of clarity and curiosity.

Effective workplace management requires a combination of knowledge – and the skills to put that knowledge into practice.

To achieve that, we devise and deliver training which offers a seamless blend of knowledge and skills practice informed by years of experience of managing teams, advising about employment law and delivering training.

Professional actors bring the theory to life using ‘real-life scenarios’. They role play scenes so that delegates are free to make suggestions to influence the outcome. Learning comes from seeing how those suggestions play out.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide a quote.

We collaborate with clients to…

  • understand the issues which give rise to their training needs;
  • develop relevant course materials; and
  • deliver training which fits their culture and meets their needs.

We often work as part of a range of interventions so that the learning is embedded and lives on, endorsed by senior leaders.





We adapt content and delivery depending on…

  • the delegates (HR professionals, senior leaders, line managers or employees);
  • the size of group (six or more up to and including large scale conference events); and
  • the method of delivery (online or in person).

We offer fixed prices so you have price certainty. Pricing depends on..

  • the content (and the level of tailoring required);
  • the group size;
  • the seniority of the group;
  • the method of delivery (online or in person);
  • the number of repetitions; and
  • the duration of the course.

Overall, we aim to maximise our positive impact and to deliver good value for money. Please contact us for a no-commitment initial discussion.